Richard Tregnago

Richard Tregnago
372 Highway JJ Suite 1F
Huntsville, Mo 65259-1292
Office Hours: Weekdays– 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Telephone: 844-277-6555 EXT- 300

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Mr. Tregnago is one of 112 elected county assessors in Missouri (Jackson County, St. Louis County, & St. Louis City assessors are appointed).
His current term began September 1, 2013, and runs thru August 31, 2017.  In order to remain in office as a certified assessor, Richard must attend an annual training session of 20 hours. In addition, county assessors must also attend a State Tax Commission approved course in assessment once every two years for 32 hours. He has successfully completed 16 courses of the additional 32 hour training since taking office in 1985. He also served as President of the Missouri Assessors Association, and, currently is involved in efforts to inform the General Assembly of concerns about assessment practices and ways to simplify and improve the assessment function in this State.
Richard strongly supports Property Tax Credits for the 100% disabled, and, for Senior Citizens, testifying many times before Committees in the General Assembly about the impact, and benefits, of increasing the Property Tax Credit Program (known as the “Circuit Breaker”).
“To be a good assessor, one should be a good public servant” is Richard’s philosophy. He strongly believes in fair treatment to all, and, strives to attain full fairness in an open and respectful manner. He has volunteered many hours of service in various agencies  throughout the county over the years,  which includes being a Board member for many years in the local Chapter of the American Red Cross, and, the American Cancer Society, both of which he has served in the past as President. Currently, Richard is Secretary of the Huntsville Rotary Club, and, has served as the Club’s President. He also was a member of the Moberly Lion’s Club assisting in many fundraising efforts to benefit those with sight impairments. Richard is a 10 gallon blood donor, has donated  platelets through the Red Cross Aphaeresis program. (“If taxpayers think I take too much blood from them, this is a way to return some of it!”)

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