Randolph County Missouri

Duplicate Tax Receipt

Lost or misplaced your tax receipt?

Anyone who has paid Randolph County personal or real estate property taxes may get a duplicate tax receipt. 

To obtain a duplicate receipt, you will need to contact our office for the request.

Why do I need a personal property tax receipt?

To register your vehicle or renew your license plates, you must present your paid county personal property tax receipt to the Department of Revenue license office.  For two-year plates you will need to show proof of payment for both prior years listed on your registration / renewal form.

The Randolph County collector’s office provides records of paid personal property tax information to the Missouri Department of Revenue, for all taxes paid by Dec. 31 of the current year.  The License Bureau offices can access this information on their computers.

Can a copy be faxed to me?

You will need to check with your local license bureau to see if they will accept a fax to you. Most offices request the fax be sent from us directly to their office. You will need to give us the fax number for the licensing office you are going to, if they need it faxed directly to them.

I didn’t live in Missouri or didn’t have this vehicle January 1, what do I do?

You need to contact the Assessor’s office at 844-277-6555 EXT 300 or stop by the office at 372 Highway JJ in Huntsville, Missouri so they can determine if you need a Certificate of Non-Assessment