Randolph County Missouri

County Commission Minutes

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Honorable Commission convened at the Huntsville Courthouse with the following present: Susan Carter, Presiding Commissioner; Wayne Wilcox, Eastern District Commissioner; Jerry Crutchfield, Western District Commissioner; and Shelby Creed, Deputy Clerk.

9:00 a.m. Com. Carter called the meeting to order and moved approval of the agenda. Com. Crutchfield seconded and motion passed (3-0).

Com. Carter reported receiving a call from Larry Hart, LJ Hart & Associates, who confirmed that closing on the Justice Center bond refinancing was complete at a savings to the county of $322,687 over the life of the bonds.

Com. Carter reported on her attendance at the Region G Solid Waste Board of Directors meeting and the Mark Twain Region Council of Governments Executive Board meeting in Perry, Wednesday night.

Com. Crutchfield contacted MFA Oil, Wrights Oil, and Brownfield Oil to solicit bids for 2,500 gallons of fuel to be submitted by 10:00 this morning.

911 Coordinator Justin Roberts arrived to discuss a 911 address in the Higbee area. Com. Wilcox contacted A K Cooperage to determine whether the property at the north edge of the Higbee City limits along CR 2530 had been sold to Mr. Robert Berendzen. It was determined that a wrong address had been assigned to that location. The sale was confirmed therefore a new 911 address is necessary and was assigned.

9:50 a.m. Commissioners reviewed fuel bids from the following: MFA Oil $3.170; Wrights Oil $3.198; and Brownfield $3.169. Com. Wilcox made a motion to accept the bid from Brownfield Oil for 2,500 gallons of fuel. Com. Crutchfield seconded and motion passed (3-0).

Com. Wilcox contacted Road and Bridge Supervisor Mike Rogers to report Brownfield Oil was awarded the fuel bid.

10:00 a.m. Dave Griffith, Executive Director for the American Red Cross; Clayton Kennedy, Community Market Manager at the America Red Cross; and Jerry Carroll, Volunteer at the American Red Cross, arrived for the “March is Red Cross Month” proclamation.

Com. Crutchfield contacted Aaron McVicker, SKW, to discuss railroad right-of-ways and easements for the CR 2580 BRO-BO88 (22) bridge project.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Mike Rogers arrived to discuss road maintenance issues. Also discussed was the Road and Bridge crew switching back to 10 hour days.

Brad Goessling, Town and Country Abstract, arrived to discuss the delay in establishing the railroad right-of-way for the CR 2580 BRO bridge project.

County Clerk Will Ellis arrived to report his discussion with Chariton Valley Telephone in regards to the cell phone contract for the county.

11:30 a.m. Com. Carter recessed the public meeting so Commissioners and Deputy Clerk Creed could attend the Soil/Water District Customer Appreciation Luncheon at The Lodge in Rothwell Park.

12:45 p.m. Commissioners returned to the Huntsville Courthouse and Com. Carter reconvened the public meeting.

Commissioners reviewed invoices for payment. Following review, Com. Wilcox made a motion to approve invoices as presented. Com. Crutchfield seconded, motion passed (3-0), and checks were signed.

Com. Carter received a call from Linn County to discuss costs of printing the 2012 County Financial Statement as required by statute.

Com. Crutchfield contacted Dave Gass, ALTORFER, to discuss scheduling the resetting of the CAT grader.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Mike Rogers arrived to discuss a complaint received from a resident on CR 1620. The resident stated that Road and Bridge crews had damaged her bushes along the road while trying to clear snow. Mr. Rogers reported the bushes in question appear to be in the county right-of-way. Commissioners will make an appointment to visit the location and speak with the resident.

Com. Carter received a call from Mike Flanagan, American Red Cross, to thank the Commission for the proclamation issued today declaring March Red Cross Month in Randolph County.

3:00 p.m. Commissioners reviewed minutes from March 19, 2013. Following review, Com. Crutchfield made a motion to approve these minutes. Com. Wilcox seconded and motion passed (3-0).

Com. Carter returned a call to Monroe County Associate Commissioner Glenn Turner to discuss the scheduled closing of the Moberly Career Center.

Michael Purol, PSB&A, returned a call to Commissioners to discuss the documentation for the condemnation proceedings for the CR 2660 BRO-BO88 (21) project.

Commissioners handled correspondence.

4:00 p.m. Meeting was adjourned.

APPROVED by Susan Carter, Presiding Commissioner, Wayne Wilcox, Eastern District Commissioner, Jerry Crutchfield, Western District Commissioner, and Will Ellis, County Clerk.

To view March 21, 2013 Official Signed Minutes click link.