Randolph County Missouri

County Commission Minutes

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Honorable Commission convened at the Huntsville Courthouse with the following present: Susan Carter, Presiding Commissioner; Wayne Wilcox, Eastern District Commissioner; Jerry Crutchfield, Western District Commissioner and Shelby Creed, Deputy Clerk.

9:00 a.m. Com. Carter called the meeting to order and moved approval of the agenda. Com. Wilcox seconded and motion passed (3-0).

Interim Road and Bridge Supervisor Dale Herron arrived to discuss road maintenance issues. Also discussed was the bid from Pete Riley for painting three barn roofs and a request to extend Dameron Street in Cairo.

Com. Wilcox made a motion to accept the bid from Pete Riley in the amount of $4400 for painting three barn roofs at the Road and Bridge Department. Com. Crutchfield seconded and motion passed (3-0).

9:30 a.m. Prosecuting Attorney Mike Fusselman arrived to discuss programs within the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and other county legal issues.

Commissioners signed official minutes from October 24, 2013; October 29, 2013; October 31, 2013; and November 5, 2013.

Commissioners reviewed the Commerce Trust bank statements for the Justice Center bonds.

Com. Carter received a call from Jennifer Wilson, nForm Architecture, to discuss the proposed county administration building.

County Clerk Will Ellis arrived to report on an increase of $1.24 for Delta Dental Insurance rates for the year 2014 per participant per month. Also discussed was a letter from MOPERM concerning pending litigation and bonding of 2014 elected county officials.

11:00 a.m. The weekly fuel bid was awarded to Brownfield Oil at $3.017. Other bid received was: MFA Oil at $3.028. There was no bid received from Wright’s Oil.

Com. Crutchfield made a motion to renew the county plat books at the previously agreed to rate for 2014. Com. Wilcox seconded and motion passed (3-0).

Commissioners reviewed invoices for payment. Following review, Com. Wilcox made a motion to approve payments as presented. Com. Crutchfield seconded, motion passed (3-0), and checks were signed.

1:30 p.m. Commissioners contacted Jeffrey Tamkin, PFIC President, and Kyle Hines, PFIC Vice President, to discuss county facility needs.

Com. Carter returned a call to Attorney Rick Pierce’s Office, Child Support Division, to schedule a meeting at 11:00 on November 21, with Mr. Pierce to sign other documents for the Cooperative Agreement.

Commissioners reviewed minutes from November 7, 2013. Following review, Com. Crutchfield made a motion to approve these minutes. Com. Wilcox seconded and motion passed (3-0).

Commissioners contacted Commerce Bank Kansas City to request an increase in the monthly operating expense transfer from $45,000 to $72,000 for the month of November only.

Commissioners contacted Aaron McVicker, SKW, to discuss the Grade Separation Agreement for the BRO-BO88 (22) CR 2580 KCS railroad bridge. Also discussed was surveying work to be done by the county.

Com. Wilcox received a call from a representative at Asphalt Zipper to discuss pricing of three of their products.

Commissioners discussed the KCS Railroad Grade Separation Agreement with Attorney Ivan Schraeder. Attorney Shraeder reported the revised agreement with Enbridge Pipeline is completed. Also discussed was the agreement with Consolidated Correctional Food Service for the jail at the Justice Center.

3:15 p.m. Com. Wilcox left the regular meeting.

Commissioners received a call from Jennifer Wilson, nForm Architecture, to confirm a meeting date for a newly formed Feedback Committee meeting concerning the proposed administration building.

4:00 p.m. Meeting was adjourned.

APPROVED by Susan Carter, Presiding Commissioner, Wayne Wilcox, Eastern District Commissioner, Jerry Crutchfield, Western District Commissioner, and Will Ellis, County Clerk.

To view November 12, 2013 Official Signed Minutes click link.