Randolph County Missouri

County Commission Minutes

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Honorable Commission convened at the Huntsville Courthouse with the following present: Susan Carter, Presiding Commissioner; Wayne Wilcox, Eastern District Commissioner; Jerry Crutchfield, Western District Commissioner and Shelby Creed, Deputy Clerk.

9:00 a.m. Com. Carter called the meeting to order and moved approval of the agenda. Com. Wilcox seconded and motion passed (3-0).

Interim Road and Bridge Supervisor Dale Herron arrived to discuss road maintenance issues.

Com. Crutchfield reported on his attendance at the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting in Perry Wednesday evening. Com. Carter reported on her attendance at the Region G Solid Waste Board and Mark Twain Regional Council of Government meetings in Perry Wednesday evening. Com. Carter informed Commissioners Randolph County Sheltered Workshop received grant money for four recycling trailers.

Com. Wilcox left a message with Ron Watts, MODOT, to discuss the KCS Railroad Grade Separation Agreement.

10:00 a.m. Moberly Special Road District Commissioners Paul Hague, Clifford Miller and Ted Sander and Secretary Tim Jeffries arrived to discuss operations and funding.

11:00 a.m. Attorney Rick Pierce, Child Support Division, arrived to sign exhibit one of the Cooperative Agreement with the Family Support Division for the Child Support Office for the State of Missouri. Following review, Com. Crutchfield made a motion to authorize Com. Carter’s signature on the document. Com. Wilcox seconded, motion passed (3-0), and Com. Carter signed the document.

Commissioners reviewed invoices for payment. Following review, Com. Wilcox made a motion approve payments as presented. Com. Crutchfield seconded, motion passed (3-0), and checks were signed.

Com. Carter contacted Attorney Ivan Schraeder to discuss the Consolidated Correctional Food Service contract and the grade separation agreement with KCS Railroad.

Commissioners reviewed minutes from November 19, 2013. Following review, Com Wilcox made a motion to approve these minutes. Com. Crutchfield seconded and motion passed (3-0).

Commissioners signed official minutes from November 7, 2013; November 12, 2013 and November 14, 2013. Commissioners also signed official closed minutes for November 14, 2013.

1:30 p.m. Rick Howard, Maintenance, arrived to discuss maintenance issues.

Com. Wilcox contacted James Wilson, MODOT, to discuss the preliminary MODOT revision to Randolph County road mileage.

Commissioners contacted Drew Belt, Macon County Commissioner, to discuss the disbursement of Macon County Cart Fund Moneys to Special Road Districts.

Com. Wilcox received a call from Dave Gass, Altorfer Machinery, to seeking sponsorship information for the CCAM meeting February 12-14, 2014 in Columbia, Missouri.

Commissioners handled correspondence.

3:30 p.m. Meeting was adjourned so Com. Carter and Com. Wilcox could attend a meeting with the Moberly Chamber of Commerce.

APPROVED by Susan Carter, Presiding Commissioner, Wayne Wilcox, Eastern District Commissioner, Jerry Crutchfield, Western District Commissioner, and Will Ellis, County Clerk.

To view November 21, 2013 Official Signed Minutes click link.