Michelle Lee

372 Highway JJ 1G
Huntsville, MO   65259
Phone: 844-277-6555 EXT 310
Fax: (844)342-1454
Office Hours 8a.m. -4p.m. Monday -Friday
E-mail Address: mlee@randolphcounty-mo.gov

For addition assistance please contact: Chief Deputy Collector, Kristi Chase at kristi.chase@randolphcounty-mo.gov or Deputy Collector, Dorinda Dameron at dorinda.dameron@randolphcounty-mo.gov

5 ways to pay your Taxes
1.  Stop in at the Courthouse Ste. 1G
2.  Mail in your Taxes (see above address)
3.  Use the Drop Box (outside as you enter on the Right hand side of the front of the  building)
4.  Use the Drive up Window (Like a bank drive-up) on the right hand side of the building
5.  Click here to pay your taxes online.


The Collector’s position is a county-wide elected position for a four year term. This position is currently held by Michelle Lee.
The collector is the elected official responsible for collecting current and delinquent property taxes for the county and various political subdivisions within the county which have an authorized property tax levy.
The collector is responsible for the accounting and distribution information of collections to each of the taxing entities such as the schools, cities, library, ambulance, and fire districts.  The collector also collects for and issues county merchant’s licenses.
The collector’s office also provides services for mortgage companies requesting tax information or paying taxes by escrow for all accounts held by the mortgage company.  Tax records are maintained and held for public use within the collector’s office.
Feel free to contact us for questions you may have. Here’s more information that may help you…

Frequently Asked Questions

2023 Tax Sale Publication 8-16-23 (002)

Tax Entities and Rates

Personal Property Tax

Real Estate Property Taxes/Escrowed Taxes

Delinquent Tax Certificate 

Merchant’s License