Both parties must be at least 18 years of age. Proof of identification and age must be presented at time of application. A valid driver’s license is sufficient. Those wishing to apply who are under 18 must have custodial parental consent in person. Applicants may not be related through and including first cousins. Proof of social security number is required at the time of application. A social security card or other valid document will be accepted. Both parties must be present at the time the application is made. The application may remain on file, but the license must be picked up before the ceremony. The person performing the ceremony is required by law to have the marriage license at the ceremony. For example, an application may be made in May and picked up the next month for a June wedding. The license is valid for 30 days from the issue date in the State of Missouri. The license must be returned used or unused to the county of issuance. If your license is not used and is lost or destroyed, the parties must return to the recorder’s office to sign an affidavit. A $51.00 cash payment is payable at the time of the application. A certified copy of the marriage license is $9.00.

For information on:

Marriage license call 844-277-6555 X 330
Civil ceremonies call 660-277-4601

Consumer notice: If, after your ceremony, you are contacted by a business offering government services for a fee, such as name changes for social security purposes, please contact the government agency regarding their procedures. Dealing directly with the government offices generally will not involve any cost.